Unique opportunity to see the works of one the world’s most provocative and important living
artists under one roof!


As The World of Banksy, we created the world’s first concept of exhibiting Banksy’s artworks. With our partner companies all around the world, from France, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany and England, we are proudly collaborating with several collectors of Banksy’s originals as well as with the top graffiti artists.
Our exhibitions attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the most renowned galleries all across Europe including Manes Gallery in Prague, Espace Lafayette-Drouot Art Gallery in Paris, Espacio Trafalgar Art Gallery in Barcelona, Teatro Nuovo in Milan, Bikini in Berlin and so on…
The World of Banksy focuses on bringing the artist’s message closer to a wider audience without a need to travel. Especially in the cities where his art has not appeared yet, art lovers all around Europe can enjoy Banksy’s street art all at one place and contemplate his ideas disputing many political themes such as war, imperialism, peace, individualism, greed, poverty, capitalism, consumerism and hypocrisy.
In the spirit of Banksy’s famously known claim that “Copyright is for losers”, our exhibitions are proudly and openly “100% unauthorized” and have been organised entirely without his involvement.


Just like Banksy usually presents his art at unusual places, our exhibition also takes place at an unusual location – a church right in the heart of Prague. Czech priest and church reformer Jan Hus used to preach here in the 15th century. The church and adjacent monastery were later disestablished during the reforms of Emperor Joseph II in the 18th century. In its most recent history, the church building served as a warehouse and a nightclub. Now, after centuries, it finally hosts another reformer – Banksy!


iBanksy: The World of Banksy’s brand new concept, iBANKSY, represents an edgier part of the show by bringing Banksy’s satirical and subversive street art to life in intelligent-video format! For the first time in the world, a Banksy exhibition includes the largest collection of video animations of Banksy’s artworks.
Danielle Belle EauDanielle Belle Eau
02:14 23 May 22
Really well thought out Banksy exhibit, worth a visit, especially on a hot day. Inside an old church which added to the experience. Don’t miss the gift shop!
Maximilian EickMaximilian Eick
16:13 10 May 22
I would recommend this experience for everyone that loves modern art or social critical art. The artwork is very nice and have a emotional connection to the topic relevant in the world.
Jeff SmithJeff Smith
19:42 12 Apr 22
Visited the Banksy exhibition in Budapest a while ago , and wasn't disappointed in the exhibition in Prague , think more people should have their minds opened up.
11:21 10 Mar 22
I noticed this Banksy exhibition when walking in the very corner of old town Prague. The place is away from the main street, located in a humble building. But once you go in, you will slowly immersed in Banksy arts and deep into all the story and meaning behind it. One of my friend didn't not about Banksy before, but after this exhibition, he is a fan.
Gogo ChrysofakiGogo Chrysofaki
21:15 08 Mar 22
Is not an official Banksy exhibition by Banksy but is a very good organized one!!I really liked the place and the way the art is exhibited. The videos and music are a great add on also the explanation of each graffiti. Well informative about Banksy and his art and I highly recommend it